What Creative Endeavor is Yearning to Unfold should you let it?

What Creative Endeavor is Yearning to Unfold should you let it?

This week I'm delighted to introduce my friend, Caroline Kirk, from Walking Barefoot . Caroline shares her experiences in bringing her beautiful blog into the world, battling limiting beliefs and self-doubt and how we all have the ability to overcome these and step forward to realise our greatest dreams.  I hope you enjoy reading her post as much as I have.


to dream by day 2(Artwork by Susanna Bachman at www.worldwatercolors.com)

I can’t believe it’s already four months since the birth of my ‘baby’.

It was the longest ‘pregnancy’ in history…..around 4 years from conception to delivery.

During this time, I had periods of joy, belief, focus, surety… I lovingly nurtured this growing energy, illuminated to be fulfilling a dream… devoted to doing all it needed to thrive, envisioning its arrival with joy.

At other times I cowered from this germinating seed, this weighty responsibility, focusing my attention on anything but. …not because I didn’t want to  bring it full term but I didn’t feel ready,  didn’t feel good enough, didn’t trust myself, believe in myself,  own myself enough.

Who am I to birth a blog on spiritual and personal growth? Who am I to talk about things I’ve not yet mastered myself?

It was during a pretty intense self doubt episode that a new seed was sown. It centered around something that had shadowed me so often in life; one I have come to realize also dims the light of so many other women..

What holds us back is often limited or lack of self worth…. of self love..

….of lovingly and assuredly embracing our whole selves, as we are…..in any given moment.. knowing we are doing the very best we can, regardless… knowing we can achieve just about anything, should we just believe it and act on it.

Sometimes we’re rockin’ it….sometimes we ain’t..

But that’s ok… it’s normal for heaven’s sake….... doubt, fear, turmoil…….even downright despair are natural parts of life.

These times can actually be very valuable….incubation periods for newfound growth, once we don’t get caught up in believing it as truth, once we can approach these times from a different viewpoint……. an accepting, non-judging viewpoint steeped in compassion.


“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” Wayne W. Dyer


If I had heeded my inner critic, I would not now be a proud mama of my blog, Walking Barefoot.

I would have, as I’ve done for way too many years,  given up yet again, after a massive burst  of passionate productivity, to be followed by long periods of inactivity, coupled with a nagging sense of inadequacy for finding myself ‘back here again.

Procrastinating…. on my desires…

What dreams are you shackling………. due to limiting, untrue, age-old beliefs?

Isn’t it time to set them free?

Now that I’ve birthed my baby and look back at our whirlwind four months together……. I can’t believe how much has unfolded…..I’ve created two free books about the value, the necessity of self love, have contributed to a course and book on self care and write for blogs that I hold in high esteem, such as I’m doing now for Shan.

All in a whirlwind four months………….when it took me four years to just get it out there….

It begins with nurturing your self-belief.

A gigantic bonus of this are the amazing communities of remarkable women I am now part of, women on similar journeys, connecting through a heart & soul felt mission to spread some love and light on the world around us, especially towards our fellow sisters.

It’s beyond heart and soul warming and I can’t believe it took me so long.

Well I can…

It’s the reason I now focus on self love as the main theme of my site…… in addition to freedom and soul connection.

It’s what was holding me back for so long…limited self-belief which I allowed to suffocate my dreams.


our doubts are traitorrs

Believing in ourselves liberates us from old thought patterns and destructive repetitive behaviors… from feeling trapped, alone, not good enough.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

We can follow our dreams, we can find loving support; we can be creatively inspired and courageous enough to display our wares, wise words or wishes to the world.

It begins with harnessing our innate self love…… buried underneath years of untruths, of limiting ideas about ourselves and the world around us.

It takes guts, but we women have that in bucket-loads, should we lovingly release the old and find our inner spark, our soul connection, our sense of joy and freedom…. our God-given essence of self love.

  •      Have you ever grown weary of your own excuses?
  •       Have you ever tired of finding yourself back where you swore you’d never land again?
  •       Have you ever become sick of the bullshit that goes on inside your own mind?
  •       Have you ever wondered if you’ll ever get over ‘this’, ‘that’ or the ‘other’?


Have you ever realized it’s actually all down to you, up to you and because of you?

You hold the key!

I became so weary of standing in my own way… so tired of allowing doubt and fear to climb all over my dreams…so drained of self-sabotaging behaviors & thought patterns

What the feck was I afraid of?

Failing?  I consciously believed that the only real failure is not to try… to not do what our heart & souls are longing for… so why was I scared?

…of not being good enough…..of being judged..

I believe this is the chain that binds our dreams… fear of not being enough.

I knew I was not living all I believed in….I was lacking courage, compassion, self belief, authenticity and it was killing me…

I was scared to show my true self, my vulnerable side to the world, which I believe is essential if we are to be a catalyst for change for anyone … if I was to talk with truth about self love, soul connection and freedom as I yearned to.

I had had enough; it was do-or-die (of the dream) …..I chose ‘do’ and haven’t looked back.


“The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I'm not going to let myself pull me down anymore.”C. JoyBell C.


I still experience times of self-doubt; fear can arise….remember it is only natural….I breathe deep, I smile inwardly and remind myself there is nothing to fear.. not really.. it’s all in my head… entwined in my limiting beliefs..

…of which I choose to release….over and over… until they no longer strive to keep me small.

We cannot release the old until we take courageous action steps towards our dreams, our desires, our souls calling, regardless of the presence of the inner voice, the fears, the doubts.

  •       What do you yearn to be, have and do?
  •       What has been percolating in you for too long now?
  •       What gift is screaming to be released & shared with the world?
  •       What creative endeavor is yearning to unfold, should you let it?


What step can you take towards realizing that dream, right now?

I urge you to take it, and then another and then another; time passes by regardless, you may as well be doing something you love, building a future you aspire to live.

It’s about shifting focus from fear to love, from doubt to courage, from procrastination to action, from excuse to self-responsibility, from lack to abundance, from anguish to joy, from restriction to expansion, from mediocrity to living with passion.

It’s about loving yourself & believing in yourself enough to know you can. Start there and the rest will follow.

Much love, many blessings, go build your dreams.



Caroline Kirk photo

I guide women towards self love, soul connection and freedom, to happy and healthy harmony of mind, body and spirit, which I believe provides a platform for deep inner growth, positive authentic living and the courage to pursue our greatest passions and way of being.

Happiness, Freedom and Self Acceptance are innately yours, let’s rediscover it.

You can find me on my blog or on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


I invite you to join me and amazing women in a private Facebook group, women supporting women on our journey to self love.



  1. I am so so glad you embraced imperfect action, and brought your creation to term, to share it with us.

    I love how our projects — what it is we are working on for our own healing and growth — become part of the gift we share with the world.

    So grateful to be connected to you and your honesty and your wisdom.

    Love and more love,

  2. It’s so wonderful that you overcame self doubt to bring your beautiful writing into being. We ask ourselves ‘who am I to bring this work into the world’ but the question might serve us better if we reword it to ‘who am I not to bring my work into the world’. We prevent our light from shining because our ego can’t give up the fight which is the very reason we need to do it anyway! I commend your courage! Thank you

  3. I love it! “Sometimes we’re rockin’ it, sometimes we aint” So true, and what a fabulous post. Hit’s the nail right on the head and so beautifully written x

  4. Caroline, thanks for the timely reminder when I needed to hear it so clearly. Self doubt cripples and blinds us to what others see clearly. Time to stop standing in my own way!
    Inspiring post!

  5. “It’s about loving yourself & believing in yourself enough to know you can. Start there and the rest will follow”
    I really needed to hear these inspirational words this morning, Caroline. Thank you for this wonderful post XXX

  6. Thank you so much Sue, it’s so true, it does seem like what we most need to learn is what we most need to teach.. i read this before yet it wasn’t until I finally found the courage to share, that I realized it was my own lessons that needed exposing… much love to you Sue <3

  7. Thank you so much Sue.. i do think we end up teaching what we most need to learn.. even as we move through it.. ’embraced imperfect action’ love that.. i’m so glad I did too.. much love <3

  8. Exactly Lisa, that is the right question and one I imagine the women of the next generation will ask, after our combined courageous efforts to do just that 😉 Thanks so much, love ‘n light <3

  9. 😀 Thanks so much Heather, much appreciated, lots love <3

  10. Caroline, I love that quote by William Shakespeare, its one of my favourites.
    This is a really wonderful post x

  11. Beautiful post. One thing in particularly resonated with me; the self doubt: “Who am I to teach others?” It sounded familiar.

    Recently I read somewhere; if you want to learn something well, and you want to understand it better — you must teach it to others, you must share your knowledge.

    Of course it made sense — since we are all One — then what we do to others, comes back to us. Shared knowledge is GAINED knowledge…

    Since then, my doubt had no choice but to get quiet.

  12. Beautiful, just beautiful.

    “It’s about shifting focus from fear to love, from doubt to courage, from procrastination to action, from excuse to self-responsibility, from lack to abundance, from anguish to joy, from restriction to expansion, from mediocrity to living with passion.”

    This is something that I will write on my chalkboard as a daily observation. Thank you.

  13. Thanks so much Dawn.. hope it helps in throwing off the shackles of doubt… I think I’m going to write it on my wall also 🙂

  14. Elzbieta, I keep coming across such teachings myself in various forms, they act as good reminders to keep the momentum going, so glad you have quietened that voice 🙂

  15. Thank you Caroline, for another beautiful post!

    The fear of not being enough… gets me every damn time. It’s one of those ones where you can sit back and watch people who are living your dream just sail on by…

    Thank you for the reminders to listen to the screams that used to be whispers, of things wanting to be birthed 🙂

    Big Love,

  16. Hi Caroline! Thank you for letting us experience the birth of your baby with you. You speak what I feel and you give me hope, courage, strength, inspiration, and motivation to “go build my dreams.” I am forever grateful that you embraced your dream because we need you (I need you) to remind us, guide us, and teach us how to embrace self-love. I admire your strength and courage, your passion, your kindness, your generosity, and your honesty. You make the impossible seem possible. Thank you for being my guide, my mentor, and my friend. You are truly a burst of sunshine in my world. Big hugs and lots of love! <3

  17. Thank you Julie..i read a quote recently that says it is often ourselves that stand in our own sunlight.. so true.. 🙂

    Love that line Jenny,.. the screams that used to be whispers of things wanting to be birthed..it does get like that.. there comes a time when we can ignore those screams.. thanks for stopping by x

    Pearl, it warms my heart & soul that my words reached you at the right time.. sometimes all we need to do is love ourselves and the rest really will follow.. <3

  18. Wow Kelly..blown away here.. thanks so much and remember life is a mirror.. what you see is only you reflected back to you 😉 Much love x

  19. Caroline,
    Thank you so much for reminding us that it’s all about nurturing our self belief and if we start with that, then everything else will follow. This is such a powerful truth. A message that needs sharing.
    Much love, Heather x

  20. Thanks so much for stopping by Heather, i do believe once that’s intact, our constant companion, all else occurs with more ease, more joy, more grace 🙂 Much love to you xo

  21. I’m so glad that you stayed the course Caroline. While 4 years may seem like a very long time, life happens exactly in order. You couldn’t give birth until you were ready. Of course what ready looks like will always vary. Sometimes ready looks disheveled, tattered, and worn. While other times it looks pristine, well put together, and polished.

    Your story rings true for many, including myself. You’re right, time is going to pass anyway, so why not take the risks and see what happens? I’m still working on that, it’s a daily adventure… but I’m getting there 🙂

  22. Congrats on the birth of your baby! I understand the analogy well. It takes courage to step forward and present our work to the world. Thanks also, for the reminder that self doubt is part of the process. I have certainly encountered it! I look forward to reading more of your work.

  23. Caroline, Congratulations! Your voice is so loud, clear, loving and authentic! No matter how long it took you to get here, I hope you know how unique and important your contribution is. Looking forward to following your journey and your writing! Blessings, Martine

  24. Thank you Martine, that means so much. Many blessings to you <3

  25. Thank you Nano, i have realised so many of us feel the fear of putting our vulnerable truths out there but I am so glad I did.. much love, many blessings <3

  26. So true Stacey.. it does all happen in Divine timing, and when I look back. i wasn’t ready. I wasn’t even sure of what my true voice was and would never have spoke of self love as such a necessity until i endured a massive lesson through a diffcult time. much love <3

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