Top 10 Tips for Staying Motivated

Top 10 Tips for Staying Motivated
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

I recently came across an article in which Phil Mitsch puts forward his top 10 motivational tips for October. Personally, I have no idea who Phil Mitsch is (sorry, Phil!) but I thought it would be fun to compose my own Top 10 and see how yours compare.  So without further ado, I present my Top 10 Tips for Staying Motivated.

  1. Start on the work even if you don't want to.  If you can work on something, even for just 10 minutes, you'll find yourself getting in the flow, it will become easier to pay attention and you may even find you don't want to stop!
  2. Make sure you have a period of time in your day where you have as little noise as possible.  Turn off music, take yourself away from colleagues and/or family and just listen.  Take note of the sounds you usually miss such as the wind, birds singing outside, passing traffic, children laughing nearby.  This is mindfulness.
  3. When you find yourself in the grip of anxiety, worrying about your next deadline, your next bill, your next client ... STOP!  Breathe, focus your attention on your body, on your fingers moving on the keyboard or holding the pen and the ink flowing across the page. Be aware of the other sounds around you, what else is happening in your environment.  This is presence.  Your mind can't hold two thoughts at once, so replace the worry with awareness of the here and now.
  4. Remember to breathe.  I once had a bumper sticker that said this and it's the best piece of advice I've ever received.  Breathing has numerous benefits, all resulting from the increased oxygenation that occurs when you breathe deeply and properly. Incorporating breathing with mindfulness as described above can have amazing results in terms of allaying worries and stress.
  5. Get outside for at least 10 minutes every day.  Even if it's just to put the bin out, water the plants or just to see what you can see.  If you don't have anywhere green where you can dig your toes into grass, then take yourself to the nearest park for 10 minutes. You'll be amazed at the difference.
  6. Bashing sh*t out of armchairs with rolled up newspapers or journalling about things that annoy or anger you without holding anything back are THE best stress relievers for those times you can't avoid the fight or flight response by breathing.
  7. Never let the sun settle on an argument with someone who is important to you.  This is a long held family rule of ours handed down through generations. You never know what the next 24 hours will bring. Let people know how much you love them, even if you can't agree on everything.
  8. Do at least one thing every day that makes you really proud. If there are times when that's just getting out of bed, that's a plus!
  9. Do at least one thing every day that you really love.  I knit to unwind - it's like a moving meditation for me, and I make sure I spend at least 30 minutes every evening indulging.  It's a sanity saver!
  10. Set time aside to work ON your business, not IN it. This one is something that you've probably seen touted all over the internet if you're in business, but there's a reason for that. It's because unless you monitor your progress and strategise about changing things that aren't working well, your business is like a boat without a rudder and will eventually flounder.  When you have goals to aim for and a way of measuring progress, it helps to motivate and inspire you, as well as keep you on the right track.

So there you have them.  The Joy and Resonance Top 10 Tips for Staying Motivated.  Do yours differ?  Please leave a comment below and let me know what you'd include in your own list - it could help us all!

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