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To celebrate the successful release of Resonate eMagazine's second and third issues, we've increased the number of issues per subscription to 5 instead of the original 4.  That means you receive each copy of Resonate for $3.80 (AU) instead of the single copy purchase price of $5.00 (AU).

In addition, we're also making sure that you receive far more than just 5 issues with each subscription you take out.  We're in the process of setting up a Facebook group especially for subscribers so that you can come and ask questions about the issues discussed in the magazine, let us and fellow readers know what you like/don't like and want to see in future issues and connect with like minded women.

There'll be more benefits to come in the future including hangouts, giveaways, quizzes and competitions - so much more than you receive by purchasing just a single issue!

Have each issue of Resonate delivered directly to your inbox with a subscription to the next 5 issues.  That's automatic delivery for  a magazine that's not only a feast for the eyes, but is packed from beginning to end with inspirational stories, tips for staying motivated, organised and positively inspired in your life, your business and your health, written by women just like you.

Women running heart-centred businesses, not-for-profits, artists and writers who tell us their stories of realising that something needed to change in their world, stories of overcoming struggle and self-doubt and stories of how they're actually getting out there and manifesting their dreams!

Women who are passionate about pursuing their dreams and who know that with enough grit and perseverance, they can create better lives for themselves, their families, their communities and the rest of the world!  They describe the challenges they face now, how they fit everything in, what kind of practices they implement to help them achieve their goals.  Regardless of what kind of business or social enterprise you're dreaming about or creating, Resonate has stories that will inspire and motivate you!

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If you're an artist or a writer, there are stories of how women just like you have overcome blocks to their creativity, health challenges and self-doubt and who are making the world a more beautiful and wondrous place by getting their art out into the world.

If you're a wellness or business coach, a health practitioner, a copywriter or web designer there are others who have been what you're going through now.  Others who describe their journeys and what they did to get themselves through the hard times to where things are now much brighter, how they perservered and what they overcame in order to get to where they are now.  Stories of women who tell how they manage their families, their businesses and time for themselves to ensure a balance.  These are real stories and strategies by real women who face the same struggles and self-doubt that we all do.

The one thing each and every woman who contributes to Resonate has in common is that they come from a deep desire to help others and make a  huge difference in this world.  They know that it's rare to become an overnight 6-figure sensation in the world of business, regardless of how aligned they are with their purpose and how pure their intentions and they're ready to persevere and grow into who they need to be in order to create the businesses and lives of their dreams.  Not only that, but they have the courage and commitment to let women like you know that you're not alone.

Future issues will include columns where you can ask advice from a Business Coach or an Intuitive Healer and Channel, website tips and tricks, articles on how to set up various things like autoresponders and create thumbnails, reviews of different apps that can make your life SO much easier, along with the amazing stories of inspiration and perserverance similar to those included in the first issue.  You'll have your chance to let us know what you'd like to see more of and what will help you with your own journey and win a free subscription or free advertising as a result!

Subscribe now and for just $19 (AU) receive a TONNE of inspiration and resources that will give you the confidence, the knowledge and the assurance that you, too, can manifest the life of your dreams!

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