Strategy – the key to getting organised in 2017

Strategy – the key to getting organised in 2017

As a savvy business owner, I love developing a strategy that ensures my business fits my lifestyle. It's the very backbone of what I do. Aligning my work with my personal goals and making a difference is the reason why I'm in business.

I apply it to everything: hiring staff, the services I offer, what I write about … you get the picture.

A recent post talks about planning for the holidays.  These tips also apply to your yearly planning but you also need to consider the bigger picture.

The following points are those I consider most important when preparing for the year to come. Implement them in your business and you'll be off to a great start to the new year.

Your overall business strategy should focus on YOU

Why are you in business?

The obvious answers are to be of service and to make money, but what do these things mean for you, as an individual?

Being of service may give you a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction, while money may allow you to travel, provide for your family or have enough time in your day to pursue your personal interests.

What's more important than recognising this, however, is designing your business around YOUR needs, first and foremost.

It's not selfish to tailor your business purely to suit yourself.

Without a vision for your life and how your business fits into it, it’s impossible to properly meet your needs.

Until you meet your personal needs, you'll never be completely happy in your business.

If you mould your business in a way that makes you supremely happy, it frees you to offer the very best you can to your clients - and we all benefit as a result.

Spend some time imagining the possibilities in your life and how your business can help make them a reality.

Ensure your operational strategy fits with your ethics

We all have strong feelings and beliefs about how to live life in an ethical manner.

You need to reflect this  in Develop a business strategy that fits both your ethics and your lifestyleyour business:

  • Do you feel strongly about caring for the environment?  
  • How will you help empower people who are disadvantaged in some way?
  • What do you believe about the quality of your work and how you interact with clients?
  • About how your clients interact with you?

The way you run your business is an ethical choice.

What decisions do you need to incorporate into your planning to ensure that you’re completely at peace with what you offer, the people you employ and the clients you take on?

How can you design your activities so that your work is a joy instead of feeling stressed out and ill at ease with the decisions you make each day?

Tailor your business strategy to fit your lifestyle

Everything starts with you, but how do you implement this in practice? Answering the following questions will help:

  • How do you want to spend the coming year?
  • Do you wish to travel or spend more time with family?
  • Learn a new language, practice art, perhaps take a retreat?
  • How much money do you need to accomplish these things?
  • What skills do you have to enable you to do this?
  • How many hours will you need to put in, not just in actually making money, but planning and preparing for the work involved?
  • What safeguards will you put in place to make time for YOU and the things you want to do that are non-business related?
  • How are you going to ensure you’re replenishing your personal resources and aren't getting burnt out?


Mindfulness + Practical Application  =  A Wonderful Year

Implementing a concrete plan with a solid strategy behind it ensures a great work/life balance which will keep you energised and enthusiastic.

Life is an ongoing series of delights and it’s easy to wake up thankful, looking forward to each and every day with sufficient and appropriate planning.

It's important that you don’t just let your year ‘happen’.

By developing a strategy to instil the qualities you desire in your business and applying them in a practical way, you'll ensure that 2017 is your best year ever!

Join us!

We'd love to help you develop your strategy for 2017, so we'd like to invite you to our free planning webinar.  It's on January 12 in Sapphire Coast time at 9:30am (That’s in NSW time for the Aussies and 11 January at 2:30pm in Pacific/UTC time zones). 

Together we'll determine exactly what you need to do each day to accomplish your goals, and enjoy the process. There are a gazillion planners out there. It doesn't matter which you use.

This is a process, not a planner and can be applied to any planner of your choice.

Signing up is easy and only takes a minute. Just click on the link to be added to the mailing list and we'll remind you when it gets closer. That way you can enjoy the silly season without having to remember a thing.

If you know of anyone else you think may benefit, please spread the word. The more people we can help plan a fantastic 2017, the better!  We hope to see you there!

PS: If you can't make it on the day, (I'm looking at you, UK folks, because I know it's some nightmare hour in your part of the world), the webinar will be recorded. If you register, we’ll let you know as soon as it’s uploaded so that you can view it at your leisure. Living in Australia, we know all about missing out on webinars because of time zone issues and we don't want you to miss out!

Please note that signing up for the webinar will also sign you up to the Joy and Resonance mailing list. Welcome to the family!

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