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Resonate Issue 4: November 2014

Resonate Issue 4: November 2014


The November issue of Resonate eMagazine is now out!  Again, packed full of inspirational stories and articles to motivate, organise and empower you, you're sure to find something in it that gets you thinking about how your approach stuff in your own life!

Inside this issue:

Donna Higton looks back over the past decade of being self employed and shares her Top 10 Lessons from 10 Years in Business. Congratulations, Donna!  This is an amazing achievement and one you should be incredibly proud of! I can only imagine the depth of experience you bring to your interactions with coaching clients.

Renee Avard-Furlow discusses the ways in which we can get closer to Spirit in her wonderful article, That is Spirit. She's also included a beautiful mini poster about making each day the best that we can towards the end of the magazine as well, so keep a look out!  You may want to print it out and keep it somewhere visible for motivation.

There are a couple of new features this issue, one of which is an ongoing 'How To' series.  The first of these is How to Set up and Autoresponder in Outlook 2010.  This isn't the type of autoresponder that you generally use in conjunction with a mailing list, but more of an out-of-office, see-you-later-I'm-taking-some-well-earnt-time-off! autoresponder which could come in quite handy over the coming holiday season!

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As I type this introduction to the latest issue it's White Ribbon Day in Australia.  Liz Blade has submitted an extremely powerful poem about domestic violence: Stop the Silence.  Please be aware that both the White Ribbon link and the poem itself may be a trigger if you're currently in or have recently left such a relationship.  If you need to seek help, please contact the local Women's Resource Centre, Domestic Violence Association, Legal Aid or Police Station in your area.  Don't wait before it's too late.  You have a right to be safe from fear and harm, as do your children.  If you're not sure where you can seek help then the police, council or local hospital may be places that can advise you.

On a lighter note, Helen Frys talks about her revelations concerning abundance when she finally decided to use a cherished cake of soap and all it stood for.  Her article has some sound advice about seizing the day and is most aptly titled How Can I be Abundant... if I Don't use the Soap!

Claire McAuliffe discusses the nature of faith and intuition, the contemplation of which came about after a discussion with her partner in Faith and Intuition - Are You in Tune?

The other new features that will be regular from now on in Resonate include a book review each issue and an interview with an inspiring woman who is working hard to manifest her dreams.

This issue the book review is about Life as Art, a wonderfully inspiring book by Ruth Haggar from Tread Softly on the Earth, consisting of art and verse, while the interview is with Lorelle Molde from WINspire, whose article appeared back in the first issue of Resonate.  Both of these women are inspiring in their own right and I'm sure their book and story will motivate and inspire you as well.

Speaking of inspiring, Ellen Kronen relates the story of how she came to fulfil a lifelong dream of going to New York, how it's really found a place in her heart and lets us know what she learnt and what we, too, need to do if we're to make our dreams a reality. Read her story in Travel for One?

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Xandra O'Neill discusses abundance and how she came to sow her own seeds while going through a low period of financial plenty.  Her article makes for poetic reading and contains the kernels of powerful stuff.  Explore her Seeds of Abundance and contemplate how you can make them work in your life!

Gina Rafkind contributed a wonderful article in the early days of the Joy and Resonance blog entitled How to Smooth Out the Wrinkles of Life Transitions - 5 Key Steps to Get You Started which focused on how you can cope with change as smoothly as possible.  It has some great information of how to practice the 'Art of Allowing'.  The article is reproduced in this issue of Resonate for your reading pleasure.

Once again, this issue is packed full of inspiring, motivating articles that urge you to take action - even if they start off as baby steps, in order to lead your ideal life. We hope the addition of the new regular features add to that inspiration and provide a sense of empowerment.  This issue, there's also a competition to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card  by suggesting something for our 'How To' series, but it's for Resonate readers only, so in order to discover how you could be a winner, you'll have to buy a copy! Cheeky, yes?

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If you'd rather take out a subscription and receive 5 issues for $19.00 (AU) instead PLUS receive all of the other benefits that come from being a subscriber, you can do so here. Subscribers already have their copy of this issue and the feedback has been wonderful - then again Resonate readers are a pretty amazing bunch of women! Come join the Resonate family now!


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