Redefining ‘Busyness’

Redefining ‘Busyness’

Way back when in many of my corporate incarnations, I used to complain about how busy I was.  I had so much to do in terms of my job that I neglected everything in my life that was important to me.  My exercise, time spent with my daughter, family, friends.  I loved belly dancing and had a yearning to learn Taiko drumming, but because I travelled for work or spent enormous amounts of time in the office, it was rare that I got to complete a full term of classes.  To this day, in spite of learning belly dance in four different locations and at least six separate times in my life, I still don't know a full dance off by heart!

All that is changing since I made the decision to nurture myself, my passions and the kind of lifestyle that matters most to me in life.  Since moving to the wondrous Bega Valley Shire over 6 years ago, I'd been putting life on hold, living in a rented house, waiting for the day when I could afford to buy my own property.  I had a small veggie plot but gave my power up to plovers who decided to use the land near it as their annual nesting ground and were aggressive enough to attack anything that came within cooee.

composted grass mulch

Composted grass mulch

I've now reclaimed that land and am learning permaculture, attending Taiko classes and looking out for bellydance classes again.  My days are taken up with planning exciting stuff for my business, working in a part time job that I love and educating myself so that I'm knowledgeable about the things I want to implement in the future.  I'm working with a couple of organisations in my community that really speak to my soul and feel great that I'm contributing.  I cycle for 30 minutes a day and ensure I plan healthy meals and my weight is slowly but surely dropping, even when I have the occasional binge on junk food such as when celebrating my daughter's birthday this week.  I still need to make time to catch up with amazing friends who I adore, but at the moment that's a matter of finances more than being too exhausted and my financial situation is improving now that I'm working in an area that really speaks to me.

Just as I'm nurturing my garden by tending it with love and feeding it with good stuff, I'm doing the same with my mind and body by following the calling of my soul.

The point is, I'm still incredibly busy - so busy that most of the time I'm still run off my feet, but there's a huge difference.  I'm busy doing the things that speak to my soul: building business and community, living more and more authentically each day, respecting and loving my body and my lifestyle.  Instead of being a corporate slave, I'm now a free spirit, free to build what my heart and soul yearn for, free to spend my days allowing my heart to sing and play and dance, even when I'm working for someone else. Free to make the biggest difference I can in this world by setting an example and walking my talk, contributing my skills and expertise in areas where they're needed and encouraging others to do the same.


My pruned thyme bush cover by sugar cane mulch which has been placed on top of the composted grass. The smell is awesome!

How can you redefine 'busyness' in your life?

What areas can you work on alterting, even just a little bit, even if they're just baby steps with a long term goal in mind?

Is there a course you could do?  A book you could read?  Something that you're involved in which no longer serves the purpose it once did and that you need to let go of?

Please, let me know in the comments below and tell me one small step you'll take to embrace the right kind of busy for you today.  Inspire the rest of us so that we feel compelled and empowered to change our own lives for the better - thank you 🙂

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