Finding Your Purpose is More About the Journey, Not the Destination

Finding Your Purpose is More About the Journey, Not the Destination

I have this letter tucked away in my underwear drawer, and when I find myself wanting to curl up and hide from my problems, I force myself to read it. Why? It's a letter from my grandmother, that she wrote to me right before she passed away. In this letter, I find the comfort I seek, in that particular moment.

But it's not joy that the letter is giving me. It's a reminder that what I actually seek, whether joy or happiness, comes from within. My grandmother always believed in me and believed in my power to create the life that I craved.

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In my late teens, I was on a mission to excel academically, but for all the wrong reasons. I thought that if I surpassed my classmates in accomplishments, that I would somehow find the joy that I so longed for. It was like a game of hide and seek, and I was constantly on the search for happiness. The reality in it all was that my happiness was inside me the whole time, only I was looking everywhere but.

As I explored this journey of finding happiness, I began to realize that my actions were not aligned with my life purpose. I wasn't meant to push myself so hard that I left behind the little moments in my life. I wasn't meant to excel at every piece of my life, because failure can actually be a beautiful thing.

As I started to unravel this life purpose puzzle, and see that my happiness was attainable from the inside, not the outside, I started questioning my life purpose. I started realizing that joy and life purpose are intertwined, and without each other, they can't survive. At least not in the long run.

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If you are living your life full of anger, or sadness, you are not living your life purpose. Our life purpose isn't meant to drive us into a hole. It's meant to stretch us far, spread our wings, stumble, fall, and then pick ourselves back up. We find the joy in the small triumphs, the acknowledgment of failure, and understanding that we must keep going.

So what is our purpose? How do we figure it out?


If you want to find your purpose, start living. Follow your joy. Share your happiness. Spread love like wildfire.

I believe that all of us are born into this life for a purpose, whether to learn something, grow in some way, or just to experience life. Does it really matter what our life purpose is? Yes and no.

As soon as we're born, people start telling us how to live our life. Our parents tell us when we should eat and sleep (and sometimes we listened). Our teachers tell us when to talk and when to play. Our friends tell us which outfits look great on us, and which boys/girls to like. Our bosses tell us when to work, and when we can leave.

And throughout all of this advice, demands, and pleas, we lose sense of why we're really here. Our purpose becomes lost in the million messages that we are receiving throughout our life. So how do we regain a clearer connection with our life purpose? Because, truthfully, it's a huge connection to joy, love, peace, and happiness.

(1) Look Within
Stop listening to everyone else and ask yourself what you really want.

(2) Let Go of What No Longer Serves You โ€“ Or Maybe it Never Did
If you're hanging out with friends that put you down, or spend 40+ hours a week in a job that only brings you stress and anxiety, then you're clouding your sense of purpose. If something brings you more negative energy than positive energy, it's time to reevaluate whether it's worth your time.

(3) Embrace Your Past & Present
Acknowledge all those dark pieces of your past. Sometimes it's just a matter of loving yourself, and accepting that your past made you stronger. Ask yourself what you need to work on releasing so that you can move forward.

(4) Love Yourself Every Single Day
Do something everyday that is loving to yourself, because you truly deserve it.

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When it comes to โ€œfindingโ€ your purpose, it's more about the journey, and less about the destination. What's truly important is finding what brings you joy and letting more of that into your life.

You are worthy of love, happiness, peace, joy, and acceptance. If you're not currently experiencing that in your life, it's time to start moving towards one that will.

What can you do today to bring more joy and purpose into your life?


Keri Kight headshotย  Keri Kight is here to empower women to stand up for what they desire in life, because the only life worth living is the one that brings you happiness.

Life coach and author, Keri knows what it's like to find yourself in a dark place, and uses that insight to help other women find their way out.

She lives in Central Florida with her 3 cats and boyfriend. She spends her free time hiking, reading, and exploring the world. You can visit her site and download her free guide to happiness at


  1. This is so good and so powerful. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Glad it resonated with you, AnnaLaura!

  3. Spread love like wildfire (love that)…or wildflowers as I almost wrote! I agree that we’re all here for a reason and to find it we have to keep going, spreading our wings. It’s all about the journey, yes.

  4. What a wonderful gift to receive from your grandmother and have to carry with you always. What better place to live forward from than being able to return within, realign with one’s true Self and let go of all that doesn’t serve Life full out.

  5. I totally agree, Cassandra! Spread love like wildfire conjures up such beautiful imagery.

  6. Hi AnnaLaura! Thank you so much. Have a beautiful day!

    Hi Cassandra! Wildflowers? Love it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I’ve loving that a bit more than my own words. Here’s to a beautiful journey.

    Hi Lorraine! Letting go of what doesn’t serve us can certainly feel hard, but it gives us such a beautiful reward. It’s just a beautiful place to be to just slow down and just be. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I love your memes. Is that what you call them? I pinned the top one to my pinterest page. (Stephanie Sherie)

    GREAT post!

  8. Thanks Stephanie! I’m not sure if that’s what you call them, but I know what you mean. The ones in this article were actually from Keri, who wrote the guest post.

  9. Hi Stephanie!

    I just call them my quote images. haha. Not sure of the “correct” term. Thank you for pinning them to Pinterest. I’m glad to hear that you enjoy them. I created them myself.

    Have a beautiful day love.


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