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The end of any year is hectic. We run around like chooks with our heads cut off, preparing for the festive season, decorating, buying and wrapping presents, making arrangements to meet with family and friends over drinks and dinner.  It's often difficult to find time to focus on ourselves and often we find ourselves frazzled, stressed and wishing we could just take some time out for us.

This year, instead of forgetting yourself while you focus on your loved ones and making them happy, why not include a gift to yourself? A gift that can empower you to step into the life your spirit longs for, to be incredibly happy and at peace while continuing to build and grow your business.  Fill your personal pool of joy so that it overflows with love for others, allowing you to operate from a place of love instead of feeling as though you're running on empty.

Give yourself the most powerful gift of all - the gift of someone to help take the load off.  Rather than asking for things that make you feel good on the surface this year, why not delve a little deeper and take the first step towards living in such a way that makes your heart sing?  If you're unsure of how we can help or whether we'd be a good fit, I invite you to contact me for a complimentary chat to see what kind of things we can take off your plate to ease the stress.  I don't believe in hard sell stuff, so it would be purely that - a chat.  You decide afterwards whether you'd like to take that one step that may start you on the road to feeling less stress and anxiety about your business and achieving some kind of work/life balance.  All it takes is a conversation.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and while moving forwards today?

$50 Gift Voucher

Sample Voucher

Joy and Resonance gift vouchers come in denominations of $100 and $50 vouchers and have no expiry date.  They can be used for any of the services provided and are SO easy to purchase! Simply choose which denomination you wish to purchase from the drop down box below and you'll be directed to Paypal to specify the quantity you require and make payment.  If you'd prefer to pay via direct deposit, please contact me for my banking details. 

Gift Vouchers


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