Everyone Needs a Sage….

Everyone Needs a Sage….

Roses more than most, it seems. Today has been an extraordinarily busy day but I managed to squeeze in time to go to the nursery and buy some peas and sage to go in the garden.

The peas will climb some stakes I've yet to put into the freshly mulched (and freshly cat-scratched) veggie garden, while the sage will be planted amongst the roses in the front yard as they're reputed to be good companion plants.

Before I can do that though, I need to tip the old compost bins over with my garden fork (in case of spiders) and turn the contents or distribute as I see fit and sheet mulch between the roses. This all amounts to a busy day tomorrow as well!

Again, the analogy of preparing to undertake a new venture in other areas of life is most apt - more on that (and pictures) tomorrow!


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