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I was on overload.  Too many ideas.  Too many directions.  Too little focus.  I was drowning in the details of my biz idea.  I had lost my 'why' in the chaos.

I reached out to Shan Watts for help.  A wise decision, because I quickly got back to doing the work that mattered to me: my soul work.  Work that could change the world, if I continue to work steadily and stay on course.

In Shan, I also found an unexpected gift: She took care to make sure I was working at my own pace (a must for me, as an introvert).

When I need to borrow some intuition and wisdom ~ laced with a touch of humor ~ it'll be Shan that I reach out to again!

Dar A., St. Louis, MO


My first experience of Life Coaching was with Shân not long ago. That session was really about moving forward and I was so enthused by the way her focus, structure and support wrapped around my aspirations.

The next couple of sessions were very different, however, in what transpired. I guess I can only describe them as spiritual experiences because what happened was that my initial preconception of life coaching as standard ‘goal planning/actualising sessions’ was blown away; instead, Shân’s gentle guidance and deft exploration of my goals required me to open internal doors I didn’t think I could. Maybe that was due to the particular focus I took as well, but it happened because she created an extremely safe environment for me to do that in, so I took heart and jumped right in! And ‘wow’ is an understatement.

In short, life coaching is not what I thought it was and if you’re thinking or wondering about it – do it! I like that it’s focused on the direction I set at any point in time.

Shân’s life coaching has been incredibly powerful for me in ways I didn’t expect. What I appreciate most is that although I have a caring and supportive network which is there for me, the coaching sessions meet my personal/professional needs in a structured way that personal or familial or social networks don’t (nor should be expected to).

I can’t thank you enough, Shân. What you’ve given me is an opportunity to be still or move about safely in my internal world with authenticity and love.

Özlem Güler, Australia


Working with Shan was amazing; pleasant, funny and very useful.

Shan helped me bring more awareness to my life, unwire my automatic behavior and incorporate new habits and ways of thinking into my life.

We did everything at my own pace and thus made sustainable progress. Shan helped me make huge leap and get ready for new amazing things in my life, that have already miraculously started to unravel.

Shan, thank you for this amazing experience, it was far beyond all of my expectations.

Milena, Serbia


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