What Creative Endeavor is Yearning to Unfold should you let it?

This week I'm delighted to introduce my friend, Caroline Kirk, from Walking Barefoot . Caroline shares her experiences in bringing her beautiful blog into the world, battling limiting beliefs and self-doubt and how we all have the ability to overcome these and step forward to realise our greatest dreams.  I hope you enjoy reading her post as much as I have.   (Artwork by Susanna Bachman at www.worldwatercolors.com) I can’t believe it’s already four months since the birth of my ‘baby’. It was the longest ‘pregnancy’ in history…..around 4 years from conception to delivery. During this...

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The in between

This week is a bit of a strange one. I feel as though I'm in limbo, hanging between the old year and the new. Do you feel it too? A (my daughter) and I, literally got back from visiting family yesterday so I'm still in readjustment mode having spent 6 hours on the road. The sun is shining and this afternoon we're meeting up with a cousin, her partner and fur-kid. I haven't seen her since she was a little girl and I'm really excited! All of this isn't really conducive to getting much work done, so I have to express how thankful I am that Caroline Kirk, from the Walking Barefoot blog, has...

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Much Needed Update and Spring has Sprung!

Hello gorgeous friends of mine, No, I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth.  For those of you who aren't aware I was retrenched about 8 weeks ago, the afternoon before I gained copies of contracts to go ahead with the purchase of a beautiful house that I adored.  Surprisingly, it only took me a couple of hours to really feel and work through the anguish and although I'm still really disappointed that I wasn't able to purchase the house, it's given me the most wonderful opportunity to work steadily on my business. You may not see much evidence of it here as yet, although the Forum is...

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Old Posts?

You may have noticed these are pretty old posts.  That's because I've retrieved the most popular from my old website and imported them here.  Unfortunately I lost some in the migration, but there are a few articles from Spiritual Magazine to go up yet as well - then I can get back into current stuff! I hope you enjoy what you read in the meantime 🙂

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