Redefining ‘Busyness’

Way back when in many of my corporate incarnations, I used to complain about how busy I was.  I had so much to do in terms of my job that I neglected everything in my life that was important to me.  My exercise, time spent with my daughter, family, friends.  I loved belly dancing and had a yearning to learn Taiko drumming, but because I travelled for work or spent enormous amounts of time in the office, it was rare that I got to complete a full term of classes.  To this day, in spite of learning belly dance in four different locations and at least six separate times in my life, I still don't...

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One Step at a Time ….

It's been a while since I've posted.  I was lucky enough to have Caroline Kirk guest post for me a few weeks ago and then I had an old article that was first published in Spiritual Wisdom Magazine that I felt called to re-publish here.   I've also been incredibly busy getting Expanding Love off the ground, but all the while I've been pondering what else to post about here.  I'm actually incredibly organised and have a whole list of possible topics I could write on, but when I looked at them, none of them resonated with my heart. I wrote back in January about how I was no longer going to put...

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Rediscover Yourself: How to Create Meaning in Middle Life and Beyond

Fulfilment, happiness, meaning. To be really truly fulfilled in life we have to experience pleasure, we need to pursue activities that we regard as worthwhile, and we have to have meaning in our lives.  Many people, particularly women who are experiencing some kind of radical change in their lives such as children leaving home, retirement, retrenchment or divorce feel that there has to be MORE to life and query whether their whole self-worth is wrapped up in their families, their role as a spouse, their paid work.  When radical changes take place in areas in which we’ve invested a lot of...

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What Creative Endeavor is Yearning to Unfold should you let it?

This week I'm delighted to introduce my friend, Caroline Kirk, from Walking Barefoot . Caroline shares her experiences in bringing her beautiful blog into the world, battling limiting beliefs and self-doubt and how we all have the ability to overcome these and step forward to realise our greatest dreams.  I hope you enjoy reading her post as much as I have.   (Artwork by Susanna Bachman at www.worldwatercolors.com) I can’t believe it’s already four months since the birth of my ‘baby’. It was the longest ‘pregnancy’ in history…..around 4 years from conception to delivery. During this...

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Scared Or Sacred Life: Which choice would you make?

From the archives of shanwatts.com (the site that preceded Joy and Resonance): Wish you were doing something differently in your life?  Often get the urge to do something and then stop yourself because of what others might say? Always taking the “safe” path, regardless of where your heart wants to lead you, because you have responsibilities and need to be “practical”?  You can make a massive difference to the way you live your life if you recognise and revere what you hold sacred and live from a basis of love instead of fear. John wakes every morning with a feeling of dread.  He presses the...

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