Be the Change…..

The Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Sydney's Martin Place used to be a place where people went for a little extra indulgence and delight.  Among the many cafes and coffee shops in the area, it exuded charm and was an extra special place to meet for a treat, whether it be a great coffee, a deluxe hot chocolate or one of the many goodies Lindt is renowned for.  I'd often meet my daughter and/or friends there after I'd finished seeing clients in my Hypnotherapy/Coaching practice just around the corner in Macquarie Street.  I used the Westpac bank literally doors up from it on the other side of the...

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Redefining ‘Busyness’

Way back when in many of my corporate incarnations, I used to complain about how busy I was.  I had so much to do in terms of my job that I neglected everything in my life that was important to me.  My exercise, time spent with my daughter, family, friends.  I loved belly dancing and had a yearning to learn Taiko drumming, but because I travelled for work or spent enormous amounts of time in the office, it was rare that I got to complete a full term of classes.  To this day, in spite of learning belly dance in four different locations and at least six separate times in my life, I still don't...

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In Honour of Our Animals

I’ve always been fortunate enough to have animals in my life.  Even when living in flats in the inner suburbs of Sydney, I had goldfish, all of whom were named after Goddesses of the sea or other things connected to spirit.  I even had a white one named Spirit and a black one named Satan at one stage, although I’m not too sure what the karmic consequences of Satan dying have been (Oops!) Up until 6 years ago, with very few exceptions, dogs have taken precedence.  When I was a little girl we inherited my Mum’s families dog, Ricki.  He was a corgi and one of the most loving attentive dogs you...

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Joy and Resonance Gift Vouchers

              Hey my lovelies, This is just a quick shout out to let you know that you can now purchase Gift Vouchers directly from the site.  These will be available permanently, with the capacity to apply them to new offerings as they're made available. At present if you want to order them directly you'll need a Paypal account, even to pay by credit card, but if you'd like to direct deposit into the Joy and Resonance account, just send me a mesage via the Contact page and I'll send you the details. Wishing you ongoing joy and resonance in your life Shân...

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A Slight Change of Vision

You know, as I was working away this morning, placing ads with some of my favourite people and brainstorming new ways of letting people know that Joy and Resonance is now open for business, I contemplated why I never have been (and never will be) happy working for someone else in a 9-5 job. It's not because I get to look out on magnificent countryside every day It's not because I can work in my pyjamas if I want to It's not even because I get to be my own boss and decide how I'm going to approach things It's a little of all of the above, but really, it's because nothing else makes me feel as...

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