New business: Some considerations and why it’s okay to pivot

When your business is very, very new, everything about it is a trial.  You may think you know your target market and what will appeal to them. You may even have done massive amounts of research to support it, but until it's put to the test, it's still theory.  It's perfectly fine to pivot in your business, but as the article in the link states, you need to ensure you learn from the reasons why you're pivoting in the first place. My business has pivoted twice during it's relatively short life and as a result, I've picked up a few tips along the way. What better way to start off a new focus...

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Change is Inevitable

  The time since my family returned to Sydney after our belated Christmas celebrations has been one of very deep reflection for me. I’ve thought about the life I wish to create and what I want to contribute to the world, and how successful I’ve been at it since commencing my business. Resonate and its future has been a big part of that contemplation.   I know that 2015 is going to be a year of radical change. I've felt it coming for a long time now. As a result, Resonate eMagazine will be changing its direction and will no longer be published as frequently. My business is in the...

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Top 10 Tips for Staying Motivated

I recently came across an article in which Phil Mitsch puts forward his top 10 motivational tips for October. Personally, I have no idea who Phil Mitsch is (sorry, Phil!) but I thought it would be fun to compose my own Top 10 and see how yours compare.  So without further ado, I present my Top 10 Tips for Staying Motivated. Start on the work even if you don't want to.  If you can work on something, even for just 10 minutes, you'll find yourself getting in the flow, it will become easier to pay attention and you may even find you don't want to stop! Make sure you have a period of time in your...

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Strong Boundaries – Essential for Business

How strong are your boundaries?  I thought mine were pretty strong, until someone threw a verbal tantrum on social media recently because they didn't get their own way.  It made me realise that running my heart-centred business my way  involves not only stepping into who I need to be, but also stepping up the measures I take to maintain strong boundaries.  My experience went like this:   After posting a quote from one of my wonderful Resonate contributors in a social media group, I received a friend request from a fellow member, who immediately asked me to promote his product to my...

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Getting Back to Reality

Wow. It's not even 48 hours since 'Resonate' eMag launched and while I'm sitting in a daze of awe and gratitude, it's time to get back to reality.  The response to it has been overwhelming, the feedback incredibly positive and I am so very thankful to each and every one of you who has expressed an interest, who has contributed, who has taken a peek at this website and/or who has downloaded the very first issue.   Resonate is about real stories told by real women about the challenges they face getting their dreams out in the world.   Whether those dreams involve establishing a...

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