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Living a workable, balanced, amazing life

“At the time you were born you were given an amazing gift — a gift that most of us forget about as we grow older. It’s the power to design your own unique life. You are an artist. The canvas is your life. From this moment on, take ownership of this gift and use it wisely. If you do, your life will become an extraordinary work of art.” — Cheryl Richardson, Take Time for Your Life How will you paint your canvas today? I’m going to share two big and helpful ideas about time, your work, your life and sacred balance. 1. My favorite motto: “I schedule my life and I live my schedule ... and when...

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Everyone Needs a Sage….

Roses more than most, it seems. Today has been an extraordinarily busy day but I managed to squeeze in time to go to the nursery and buy some peas and sage to go in the garden. The peas will climb some stakes I've yet to put into the freshly mulched (and freshly cat-scratched) veggie garden, while the sage will be planted amongst the roses in the front yard as they're reputed to be good companion plants. Before I can do that though, I need to tip the old compost bins over with my garden fork (in case of spiders) and turn the contents or distribute as I see fit and sheet mulch between the...

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Redefining ‘Busyness’

Way back when in many of my corporate incarnations, I used to complain about how busy I was.  I had so much to do in terms of my job that I neglected everything in my life that was important to me.  My exercise, time spent with my daughter, family, friends.  I loved belly dancing and had a yearning to learn Taiko drumming, but because I travelled for work or spent enormous amounts of time in the office, it was rare that I got to complete a full term of classes.  To this day, in spite of learning belly dance in four different locations and at least six separate times in my life, I still don't...

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One Step at a Time ….

It's been a while since I've posted.  I was lucky enough to have Caroline Kirk guest post for me a few weeks ago and then I had an old article that was first published in Spiritual Wisdom Magazine that I felt called to re-publish here.   I've also been incredibly busy getting Expanding Love off the ground, but all the while I've been pondering what else to post about here.  I'm actually incredibly organised and have a whole list of possible topics I could write on, but when I looked at them, none of them resonated with my heart. I wrote back in January about how I was no longer going to put...

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What Creative Endeavor is Yearning to Unfold should you let it?

This week I'm delighted to introduce my friend, Caroline Kirk, from Walking Barefoot . Caroline shares her experiences in bringing her beautiful blog into the world, battling limiting beliefs and self-doubt and how we all have the ability to overcome these and step forward to realise our greatest dreams.  I hope you enjoy reading her post as much as I have.   (Artwork by Susanna Bachman at I can’t believe it’s already four months since the birth of my ‘baby’. It was the longest ‘pregnancy’ in history…..around 4 years from conception to delivery. During this...

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