How to Feel Empowered When Your World’s Falling Apart

How to Feel Empowered When Your World’s Falling Apart

This month's guest post is by the wonderful Keri Kight.  She has some wonderful tips for feeling re-empowered during those times when nothing seems to be going right.  Thank you, Keri, for giving us permission to acknowledge that it's okay to give voice to our frustrations during down times, followed by tips on how we can then pick ourselves up again.

Best friends. Home. Our pets. Our big, comfy chair. These are the things we run to when the going gets tough. We all have our comforts, our loves, and the things that fill our hearts and souls.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

But sometimes we find ourselves feeling lost, and wanting to fall apart. Don't hate yourself for it. We're only human, living a human experience. Life can be downright frustrating. And it's okay to want to scream, yell, and shake your fist at the sky. But never allow yourself to stay in that moment.

Pick yourself back up and empower yourself to step into your own power.

Love Yourself Beyond Imagining

We all deserve love, and we all need love for survival. When we give plants love, either by talking to them or projecting our energy onto them, they grow faster and stronger. Love is powerful. Love gives everything meaning.

Feeling alone? Here's the beauty: You're never alone. You're always being guided, loved, and protected by your own personal team of guides. Not to mention the Archangels that give us guidance when we need it. Take the time to connect with them, talk to them, and hear what they have to say. Feeling like no one is there? Practice makes perfect. Meditate. Practice silence. Feel their love and presence. Know that they are there to help you along the journey, fulling you up with an endless amount of love.

Love never needs to be replenished. Love is infinite. Love is the most powerful force in this universe. Love is stronger than any negative entity or emotion you may be experiencing.

Decide to love yourself. Fixate on something beautiful and wonder, and give it all the love you can imagine. Remember that what you send off into the universe, comes right back to you.

What can you do right now to give yourself love?

Every Thing Matters

Every whisper. Every kiss. Every word. Every feeling. Every breath you take. Every single moment matters.

Breathe in the beauty in this world. Look around you. Run your fingers through the soft grass. Reach up to touch leaves of the maple tree. Breathe in the smell of freshly laundered clothing. You're alive. Be thankful for that. Show gratitude for the tiniest things that enter your life.

Want to know how to bring MORE into your life? More happiness? More love? Graciously accept it, no matter how small.

Know Your Worth & Stand in Your Power

Standing in your power is like strengthening a muscle. Some of us are born with our power in place, and some of us can't find our power to save our life.

For those of us that think standing in our power is a myth, I have a beautiful solution for you: Live, love, and cherish all of your happy moments. Every time you accomplish something, dance a happy dance. Every time you find or receive extra money, feel the love from the inside out. Every time you manifest what you want, celebrate it like it's 1999.

So what's up with all the celebrating? Well, other than the fact that life should be celebrated every day, you start building your power momentum.

Right now, I want you to list one major accomplishment that has improved your life. Maybe it was graduating college when your parents never did. Maybe it was becoming a single mother at 17 and making sure you and your child had everything you needed. Maybe it was leaving an abusive relationship. Maybe it was simply being a mother. Maybe it was loving your friend through the death of her husband.

Don't compare your accomplishments to someone else, because you will only end in the comparison wheel.

You are one unique, beautiful star. And hey, I'm totally not downplaying our faults, because we have a ton of them. Embrace them. Laugh at them. Get annoyed with them. And at the end of the day, realize how far you've come. Because you have.

Wake up to Possibilities

You can literally do anything you want. Yes, you will have to work hard, and that can suck. I mean, who wants to have to work? But that's where the lessons are learned and the magic happens.

When you're in the moment of feeling like everything is falling apart, go ahead and fall apart. That's where the rebirth happens. Let yourself cry, scream, throw things, and whatever else you feel like doing. Never suppress your feelings. That will only make them stronger the next time they come up.

And here's the thing: Never stay in freak out mode. You can freak out, of course, but there's always the time to transition into “get shit done” mode.

And that's when you realize what you're capable of: absolutely whatever you want!!

And I mean it.

Keep Going

And then you keep going. This is where you take all that love you've been giving yourself, get yourself pumped up, and take inspired action.

I believe in you. It's time to believe in yourself! xoxo

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Keri Kight is the owner of Authentic Power, helping women create the relationships they desire. She believes all women have the power to live an abundant, beautiful life of freedom. Keri is an author, coach, mentor, friend, animal love, teacher, speaker, and so much more. She helps women find their true love, create stronger relationships, and have more fulfilling sex lives. It's not only empowering, it's fun!

It's time to stand up and step into your own power!

You can find her at where you can download her free guide: 5 Secrets to Living a Happy, Healthy Life.

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