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So Much to do, So Little Time

It’s perfectly possible to earn passive income and reduce the amount of time that you work in your business. When you're first starting out or in the process of expansion, though, this is definitely not the case, though. If you’re still working a day job, then it’s even more difficult to find the time need.  Include family commitments and some leisure time and life gets pretty busy! So how do you manage when you can hardly think because of all the demands on your time? Efficient use of resources is definitely the answer and those resources include your precious energy as well! Time...

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Your Website – How Well is it Working For You?

Regardless of what kind of business you have, a website is an absolute necessity in today's business climate. Whether your website successfully contributes to achieving your business goals, however, is a completely different matter. Taking time out to ascertain whether your website is really working for you is an exercise well worth undertaking.   What purpose does your website serve? What are your business goals? Your business vision? How does your website help you to achieve these things? Do you use it primarily to sell things? To educate your audience in terms of how you can help...

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Looking to get more done? Hire a Virtual Assistant!

Once a month I've decided to talk about how I adapt various things to suit my business. When I first started out, I wasn't quite sure how to apply general principles or experience to my own situation. So this is where you can discover how I've modified things to suit me. You can do the same with your business, too! If you're not sure about something feel free to ask in the comments below. This month's topic is about hiring a Virtual Assistant and how I went about it. Opting to Maintain Quality of Life My business has grown fairly steadily since I decided to pivot and specialise in Digital...

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Customer Experience and Being of Service

From their very first exposure to your business, the way you treat your customers will make or break your business.  Being of service is at the very core of providing the best customer experience you possibly can. When you love your work, and you live it every day, then being of service comes naturally. Part of this is going above and beyond to provide a customer experience that will keep people returning.   If you're like me, going above and beyond isn’t merely a business consideration – its part of who you are. It’s what fulfils you and makes you feel that you’re helping make the...

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Overwhelm – How Do You Manage Yours?

  Overwhelm. We all experience at one stage or another. Whether it happens frequently or rarely, it's a bit like that other "it" that people say happens.  If you try and tell me it never happens to you, I won't believe you.  Either that or I'll ask you how on earth you manage it! This post aims to examine it in a bit more detail and take a look at a few ways to help overcome it. Why Does it Happen? Overwhelm usually occurs when the number of stressors you're coping with outweigh your coping skills. Symptoms can vary, but if you recognise any of the following you may very well be a...

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