What Joy and Resonance does

We specialize in empowering your small to medium business, helping you really connect with your perfect target market and create long term relationships with clients and colleagues alike to ensure everyone benefits from coming into contact with you.

We do this by working with you to improve your business infrastructure and implement processes and digital marketing solutions that tap into the very reason WHY you're in business and ensuring that you have a plan in terms of moving forward, knowing what you should be doing each day to grow your business and live your purpose.

This can be as simple as reviewing your business plan and making suggestions for improvements to creating mailing list templates and planning campaigns so that you can easily attract and keep in touch with people, to managing the whole of your social media platforms.  We have a solution for most budgets.  Why take hours to learn how to do things when a quick consultation with us will allow you to identify what you most need to work on and the exact tasks you need to undertake to get the ball rolling?

Digital marketing today is all about building relationships and adding value - for clients, for other businesses and for your community, whether that's local or global. It's no longer about trying to push your services or products onto people who really don't want to know about them, but instead letting people know what you have to offer and giving them the opportunity to interact with you if they want to find out more.

I believe that we're all better off when we work together to make our world a happier, less stressful place.

In consultation with you, we can devise strategies to let the people who really need what you have to offer find out what's so very special about your business so that you automatically come to mind whenever they're looking for your services or products.

Once everything is set up, I can teach you simple, cost-effective steps to manage things yourself or do it for you so that you can get on with what actually brings in the money.

Why Choose Us

After moving to the Bega Valley Shire in 2008 because I'd fallen madly in love with it, I made the transition to virtual work, managing Operations and Digital Marketing for a consultancy firm in Canberra, who then loved my services so much that they outsourced me to another company in Sydney. After being made redundant in June 2014, I've been experimenting with the best way I can be of service in the world, while still fuelling my passion for all things online.

Joy and Resonance brings together my experience gained as a successful small business owner in Sydney many years ago with my business and digital marketing experience of the last 7 years to provide advice tailored specifically to improve the visibility of your business. Please see the Services page for particulars of how I'm able to do this. You might want to check out the current specials as well.

When my head isn't swirling with all things digital, you can find me wandering through Bournda National Park, making notes accompanied by coffee at the Bega river, getting my hands dirty by playing in my garden or sitting on my back porch, revelling in how very lucky I am to live in the beautiful Bega Valley Shire.

How to make contact

Please, explore the site and if what you see speaks to you, get in touch for a free 30 minute chat and see what we can accomplish wortking together. For now, I'll leave you with my favourite quote of all time and a question. How can YOU apply the quote below to your business strategy today?

“Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.” Goethe



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