A Slight Change of Vision

A Slight Change of Vision
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You know, as I was working away this morning, placing ads with some of my favourite people and brainstorming new ways of letting people know that Joy and Resonance is now open for business, I contemplated why I never have been (and never will be) happy working for someone else in a 9-5 job.

  • It's not because I get to look out on magnificent countryside every day
  • It's not because I can work in my pyjamas if I want to
  • It's not even because I get to be my own boss and decide how I'm going to approach things

It's a little of all of the above, but really, it's because nothing else makes me feel as complete, as purpose-driven, as though I'm really out there creating change in the world.

I've worked for Medical Specialists, some of which are among the most esteemed in the country. I've spent time ensuring their patients were comfortable, relaxed and as stress-free as possible while waiting for their appointments and ensuring that the practice ran smoothly so that they could focus on what they did best - healing others.

I've had my own Clinical Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching practice in the past, but the pressure of having to work another job to put food on the table while working up to full time, as well as being in an incredibly difficult personal relationship at the time resulted in burnout and querying my role in life.

I've worked co-ordinating social support for frail elderly people and younger people with disabilities, meeting them, listening to them, training volunteers to meet their needs and provide companionship and assistance.

In what now feels like another reincarnation I even spent some time as an aerobics instructor teaching others how to maximise their fitness and have fun at the same time.  (It's a secret, though, because you sure wouldn't know it to look at me now!)

Even while I had amazing fun doing all of the above and I achieved an incredible sense of accomplishment, nothing compares to the soul satisfaction I get from supporting others to achieve their dreams.  Nothing makes me happier than the opportunity to be of service in such a manner.  So I've come full circle.  I'm no longer offering clinical hypnotherapy, but I've returned to life coaching.  This time around, though, instead of coaching anybody and anyone who wants my services I'm confining it to women.

  • Women who know they want and need more in their lives but don't know how to go about getting it, or even have trouble defining what that "more" is.
  • Women who question themselves, their value and what they have to contribute to the world in addition to the roles of employee, mother, sister, daughter, wife.
  • Women who know that with the right support they can work with zeal on a plan that will result in them achieving their dreams, regardless of how small their steps to get there.

Originally I'd conceived of Joy and Resonance as a coaching and mentoring practice exclusively for women aged 40 and over, but I'm finding that the stuff that's most important relates to women of all ages and after much reflection I don't see the need to confine it to women of a certain age group.

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The catalyst for this has been a dream of mine where women mentor and support each other in a voluntary capacity - a Wise Women's group, but the vision was a little skewed.  I felt that if I was to go with my original concept of aiming Joy and Resonance at women who are 40 and up, then the Wise Women's group would need to be older women mentoring younger women, but that didn't sit well with me.  Wisdom isn't necessarily equated with getting older and I feel that all women have gifts of knowledge that they can share and that others can benefit from.

That's why I'm opening Joy and Resonance up to all women, not just those 40 and older: because wise women can be any age and I now realise that's why my original thoughts feel quite right.  As a result I'm extending an invitation to you - if you'd like to get to know other women, to support them or be supported yourself, come join me in the Wise Women's Forum.  My hope is that this will become a place where women can provide support and guidance for each other, celebrating achievements, sharing joys and challenges and becoming more empowered as a result.  It's free, it's brand new, (there are only 5 of us there at the moment) and I'm hoping it will be the start of something big so that eventually real life mentoring circles will grow from it where women can share their lives and their hearts among others who truly hear and "get" them.  Won't you join me in empowering both yourself and others?

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