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Please note that Resonate eMagazine has now ceased production. There are a few reasons for this which you can read about here.

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Joy and Resonance is a heart-centred business offering resources, eBooks, eCourses and 1:1 Coaching to women who fall into the following categories:

Business Startups:  If you’re an entrepreneur who needs to work out what you should do next, how to systematise the things you need to accomplish, brainstorm how to get the word out there or any of the million other things you have to make decisions about each day, I can help.  I provide a means of teasing out what you already know, discovering gaps in your knowledge or methods, ways to help you bridge the path in between and accountability and support to keep you focused not only on your business goals, but on your quality of life and the ethics behind the reasons for your business in the first place.  If your business isn’t just about making money, but is more about making a massive difference in the world for others while creating a sustainable lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones, then we’d be a wonderful fit.


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Creatives: You don’t just ‘dabble’ and it’s not just something ‘frivolous’ that you indulge in. Art/film/writing is an absolute passion and you have a burning desire to create more beauty and send it out into the world.    In spite of having an uncontrollable urge to do just that, you’re not quite sure how to share it with those it will most resonate with.  You may be wondering if anyone else will think it’s “good enough”.  You may be trying to work out how to finance an exhibition or exactly who you should contact to get the ball rolling.  You may just want to work out how to create more time and money to spend doing what you love.  I have the skills and expertise to help you work out the answers to all of the above and more.  Together we can work on your passion, your confidence, your ability to create more time and space to do stuff that speaks to and satisfies your soul.  If you’re wanting to make the transition from  part time artist/writer/film making art  in the little spare time you have to making it a full time occupation (or something in between) then we can work on that, too.


Dreamers:  You want to make an incredible difference in society, but you’re not sure how to bring it to fruition.  Your vision may be about starting a not-for-profit that does absolutely incredible work, it might be volunteering at an orphanage overseas or bringing people together for a wonderful cause.  Whatever your purpose, you’ve thought about it for years, but don’t have the confidence or for one reason or another it all seems just too hard.  Between us we can work on removing the obstacles that have been stopping you so that you can get a clear vision of the steps you need to take to bring your dreams into being.  Imagine the difference you can make!


Regardless of which group you belong to, I invite you to talk to me and find out how we can work together to remove emotional, intellectual and physical blocks to making your dreams a reality, how to formulate a concrete action plan and discover the actual steps you need to take while being held lovingly and gently accountable.  Let's get you get started on the road that you really want to travel as soon as possible.  Book a free 30 minute consultation today!



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